How To Open WordPress Menu Items In A New Tab

Do you want to open a menu link in another tab on your visitors browser? What if you want to link to another website from your primary navigation menu but you don\’t want to take visitors away from your site?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to open a WordPress menu item in a new tab. This is one of those features that\’s included in WordPress Core, but you may need to display and option in order to setup your site correctly. Here\’s how:


Step 1. Display the \”Link Target\” option on Menus admin page.

  • Click or mouse over Appearance
  • Click Menus
  • Select the Screen Options dropdown in the upper right
  • Check the box for \”Link Target\”


Step 2. Select option to \”Open link in a new tab\”.

  • Check the option to \”Open link in new tab\” for the correct menu items
  • Save the menu and reload your website

The Menu items that have the Link Target option enabled should now open in a new tab in your browser. This will help keep visitors on your site!

WordPress Tip: Don\’t forget about the Screen Options menu!
On every page of the WordPress Admin dashboard, you\’ll see a little box in the upper right corner that displays a dropdown menu of options for the page. For example, on the Post Editor page, the dropdown menu toggles features such as the layout settings, excerpt, trackbacks, custom fields, discussion, and more. You can display and hide WordPress options by checking and unchecking these boxes.

Did this help solve a WordPress issue that you were having? Let us know in the comments below!

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